Friday, April 15, 2011

Dia De Los... Wedding?

Have I mentioned that I'm engaged to be married?

I use that as an excuse for why I watch some of these wedding programs you often find on television, though I don't know why really.  "My Fair Wedding" with David Tutera is just a good old-fashioned makeover show when it comes right down to it.  And I always love a good makeover.

Some of the brides on that show have to be joking though, don't they?  I mean, surely some of these themes they have for their weddings are made up solely to get on the show.  Swamp theme?  Pirate theme?  What the?  By the way, since when do weddings have themes anyway?  As my mother says, "Isn't the theme, 'wedding'?"  It's not a seven-year-old's birthday party afterall.  Why do we need a theme?

That being said, the theme of the wedding in last night's episode was "Day of the Dead."  She wasn't a "traditional bride", according to her.  Um... I'm not a traditional bride.  She's just a ridiculous bride.  They wanted to celebrate the death of their single lives.  *crickets*  To each their own.  Anyway, leave it to David to class up this theme.  Sure it looked like a creepier version of Alice in Wonderland, but it was head and shoulders above what they themselves had planned.  Oh, and did I mention, the wedding took place at Union Station in Los Angeles?

Here's just a tiny sample of the decor.

Celebrity wedding coordinator, David Tutera

Actually, the more I look at this Gothic theme, the more I like it.  What's missing from the pictures above are all the dead tree centerpieces with crystals hanging off of them, a chess board-like dance floor, bridesmaids in black dresses with big red roses, and creepy circus-like people roaming around for the entertainment.  What do you think, honey?  Should we make the them of our wedding "Day of the Dead"?

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