Friday, April 15, 2011

Peacock-Themed Wedding Part II

Our wedding day was a beautiful day.  We really lucked out.  It was a small ceremony in downtown.  We couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous and yet, economical setting.  It cost absolutely nothing to have our small wedding in a public park.

As I've mentioned before, we're huge music fans.  Also, we decided against the traditional wedding photos, so instead, we opted to have our photo made on the river that runs through downtown, with the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue.  I wore blue velvet mary janes.

I carried irises mixed with wildflowers and a few peacock feathers as accents.  We wrapped the base win blue and purple ribbons, fastening it hot glue.  To keep the bouquet looking like a bunch of wildflowers, we left the stems showing at the bottom.

My niece was my "flower girl."  My mother carried her down the aisle.  My grandmother made her dress following a pattern we found at JoAnn's fabrics.  We found a matching colored headband and, using a sparkly gem, a peacock feather, and an accent feather, fashioned this headband to go with her dress.  Of course, she couldn't throw petals, so before the ceremony, we simply pre-laid the blue and purple flower petals we had purchased from Michael's, out in the path I would walk down.

Her dress was made of purple and blue satin taffeta, with a blue tulle petticoat liner.

To keep things simple, we had a white cake with simple white icing, topped with the wedding cake topper I made.

The same family member who made the wedding cake, also made my husband's groom's cake, which was a simple union jack flag, done in red velvet cake.

After a long day and party...  You can see the hairpiece I made here out of a bunch of feathers I had purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I simply glued the bases of the feathers together and wrapped the base with a blue ribbon.  I glued the final product to a hair clip I already had.

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  1. absolutely beautiful.

    Do you have any pictures of how you decorated the room or marque? Id love to see and get some more ideas for my wedding.