Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rachel Zoe Was "SO Major" Last Night

The season premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project aired last night minus one employee and let me just say... I am ecstatic!  Last season, the bleach-blonde, "Debbie Downer," Taylor, got on my very last nerve!  (Sad considering the fact that I have never even laid eyes on her in person, much less do I really know how she is.)  Really though, what kind of person do you have to be, to be as negative a Nancy as she was throughout the entire season last year, doing the kind of job she was doing?  Not to be too "Devil Wears Prada", but there are a million girls who would have killed to have had her job.  You're styling celebrities, and going to fashion shows, and getting to be creative, and yes I understand it can probably be extremely stressful, but it's not like you're being forced to kidnap American tourists for a living, or else risk having the Mexican drug cartel kill you and your entire family... or even... you know... working at McDonald's.  Anyway, the point is, she was a whiny brat and apparently a thief, as it was alluded to in the show last night, and now, thankfully, she's gone.  (Unless she makes a reappearance somewhere down the line on Celebrity Rehab or... even worse... Dancing with the Stars.)

It was so refreshing seeing only 25-pound Rachel and too-preppy-for-his-own-good Brad doing the styling last night.  And the only drama came from the late-arriving Marc Jacobs bloomers which Zoe and crew nixed after arrival anyway.  The Demi Moore shoot, I thought was lovely, and since I don't usually pick up Harper's Bazaar, I was seeing the clothing for the first time.  If you're like me and missed the magazine when it was on stands, here is a recap.

The "armadillo shoes" were insanity.  I remember seeing them on the runway and not thinking much of them then, but on a beach, on a staircase to nowhere, feeding a giraffe, somehow it seems no other shoe would have been appropriate.

This photo turned out very ordinary.  In fact, I dare say none of the photos from this shoot came out as good as it actually looked on screen last night.  Nevertheless, you can't beat an Oscar de la Renta.  For me, it's that classic style that will NEVER go out of fashion.

I don't actually remember seeing her in this outfit in the episode last night.  I like it, though I'm not sure I see the correlation between what I see as a very french-looking dress and Russian nesting dolls.  I LOVE the idea of life-sized nesting dolls though!  They should really get on that.

Again, this looked nicer on my television screen than it actually photographed.  Though still pretty.

Okay, I LOVE this one.  Or, in the words of Rachel, "I die."  Too bad they didn't choose a photo with the white mouse though.  Also, am I the only one that wants a ginormous chair like this?

Pretty, but meh.  I expect more from Rachel at this point.  And I wasn't sure how the sea of red balloons corresponded with the rest of the elements of the shoot.  Seemed like a bit of a cop out.  Boring.

That's all the fashion I have for you today lads and lasses. 

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