Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Into Fashion!

So, this has been the winter from hell.  Some of the coldest weather this country has seen, across the country, in a long time.  Not to mention people I know the world over have been sick not once, but multiple times this winter.  So, I say, enough!  Come on, Spring!  I know you're out there somewhere.  I'm looking forward to the days of flowery dresses and open-toed shoes.  So, let's look ahead to happier times to come, shall we?

First of all, I'm completely obsessed with the idea of bell-bottom jeans.  I love the skinny jean look, but it's everywhere these days.  Time for something new.  I haven't bought a pair yet, but I'm going to.  If only I still had mine from high school.  No, I wasn't even alive the first time around, but I have always been fashionable.

Above are similar to what I have in mind, only minus the "worn" patches and holes.  That's one look I've never been able to get into.  These will look great with a high pair of wedges and a sheer or lace top.  Or even with a pair of chunky heels and a classic button-down.

Also, speaking of lace... I love it.  Seriously, I can't get enough.  It can be so dressy, or it can be totally hippie and laid back.  Look at this dress for instance.

You could wear a couple sparkly bracelets, and a big pair of sparkly dangling earrings (with your hair pulled back, of course) with this, throw on a pair of killer high heels and you are elegance personified.  Or you could totally mix it up and throw on a pair of ratty cowboy boots and a big floppy hat and you are hippie chic.

Last (for now), but certainly not least, are stripes.  It doesn't matter if it's a top or a dress, it's nautical and somehow french, and fabulous.  Go ahead and play the look up with red heels and a little hat.

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