Friday, April 15, 2011

Women We Love

I realize that the last several (read as: most) of my blogs have been decidedly... girly.  BUT, hopefully this blog will (kind of?) remedy that.  Why, you ask?  Because in this blog, I would like to share with you all a few of the women I am currently obsessed with.  Fashion-wise, mostly, but the men won't even notice that because these women are so pretty as well.  So, shall we get started?  Right...

First up, Jean Shrimpton.  Can we say, OBSESSED?  This woman is fabulous and oh-so '60s!  You can possibly expect a blog dedicated completely to her and different shots from around the '60s in particular.  She and David Bailey basically invented the way we view magazines today.  They shot casual poses on street corners, doing ordinary things, in order to show off the fashion.  This trend is still largely followed today.  She's simply fabulous and I adore her.

More modernly, Sienna Miller, whom I've just recently found out is around my same age.  I really think we should be new best-friends, but maybe that's just me.  No?  (Sienna, call me.)  I think I'm most probably obsessed with her because I just adore her bohemian and retro-inspired fashion sense.  I mean, modern fashions just do not look right on her.  She knows the style that works for her and she's on point, almost all the time, in my opinion.  She would have fit right in, in the '60s.

Last, but not least, Emily Blunt.  Just because she's fabulous!  No other explanation necessary.

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