Friday, May 6, 2011

2011 Met Costume Institute Gala

Jennifer Hudson
On May 2, 2011, The Metropolitan Museum of Art held it's annual Costume Institute Gala and the stars were out in force.  Jennifer Hudson was my personal favorite of the night, besides the fact that she is personally looking so good, this dress flattered her in every possible way.  The color and fit were spot on, not to mention she was styled perfectly.

Blake Lively
I love Blake Lively.  There is just something about her.  Well, there was something about her.  Her hair.  She had that effortless surfer girl kind of beauty.  The new 'do is not my favorite, but her dress at the gala was definitely in my top picks for the night.  I love that it's the exact color of her skin and looks painted on like some sort of Grecian Goddess.

Gisele Bundchen
THIS WOMAN HAS A CHILD.  She looks a-MA-zing.  This dress does everything to accentuate her assets.  It is simply stunning.  You have to be pretty tall to be able to carry off that kind of volume on the bottom, but that is clearly not a problem for this hot mama!  One of my favorite looks of the night, for sure.

Eva Mendez

Holy '70s goodness!  What a splash Eva Mendez made in this color.  The belt I wasn't so sure about at first, but the more I got into the '70s groove of things, the more I appreciated it.  I'm finding it really interesting that royal blue and purple and other jewel tones we generally associate with autumn and winter are big colors this season.  I kinda love it.  Anyway, one of my picks of the night!

Diane Kruger
Please allow me to start first by saying how much I adore Diane Kruger.  I'm not sure exactly why, but I do, and afterall, do I really have to have a reason?  I love this look.  She looks sexy and sophisticated and completely appropriate.  Did I forget to mention, hello, slit up to there!  Woo!

Sarah Jessica Parker
Have we reached the worst dressed portion of the program?  Well no.  Not entirely.  Why?  Because I love Sarah Jessica Parker.  She can do no wrong.  But I will admit that I do prefer to see her in cocktail dresses and ball gowns.  This probably has everything to do with her age.  In dresses like this, she looks more her age.  Older than her age, even.  And I prefer to see her as being... ageless, if you will.  Not to mention her eye-makeup is way too harsh.  The whole thing just adds too many years for my liking.  A good point, however, is the color.  I am really loving this color this season.  Golds and nudes and pale, pale pinks.  The naked look.  Count me in!  Perhaps if the neckline has been lower, or in a v-shape?  I think that could have helped.

Kirsten Dunst
Why?  I'm not sure what else to say about Kirsten Dunst's look besides, just... why?  Okay, maybe I can manage a few other words...  For the love of God, why?!  Yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings about this ensemble.  Do you think she got lost on her way somewhere else and just decided to stay?  I don't know.

What I don't understand about Beyonce is why she sometimes "gets it" and yet, she sometimes gets it so wrong.  There are so many things wrong with this picture that I don't know where to begin.  Like Sarah Jessica's problem, this look completely ages Beyonce beyond her 29 years.  This is way too harsh, too Bob Mackie, too 1980s (and not in a good way), too Dynasty, just too, too, too, too much.  Not to mention the fact that she looks encased in this dress.  How is that even possible, when she has such an amazing figure?!  There is just nothing flattering about this look on this woman in this day and age.

Ginnifer Goodwin
This look, on the other-hand, could have easily been a favorite of mine.  Ginnifer Goodwin is so fresh with her pixie cut and the color suits her skin tone perfectly.  Her makeup was flawless and the color of the dress stood out from the crowd like no other.  The cut of the dress, however is where things went awry.  It unfairly makes her look small on the top and large on the bottom, which is SO not the case.  From there, things just seem to fall apart.  The slit up the side of the dress makes it fall even more awkwardly and the shoes are a total misstep.
Jessica Szhor
I will admit, I have no idea who this girl is, but I included her simply because I think what she is wearing is so inappropriate.  The dress, on its own is actually really cute and had she been going to the MTV Video Music Awards, I would have said this look was a slam dunk.  That being said, it wasn't the MTV awards, it was a gala, and unless I'm very mistaken, a gala is usually a black-tie event similar to a ball, but without dancing.  There is just nothing appropriate about this for this event.  The shoes and the stringy hair only add to make matters worse.

Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell
Lastly, nothing to do with best or worst dressed, but simply because I am a HUGE Beatles fan and I love this man more than words (I've met him, ya know?!), Sir Paul McCartney and his fiance, New York socialite, Nancy Shevell (dressed in non other than... you guessed it...Stella McCartney!).  Both looking fabulous.  Congrats to both of them on the engagement.  I have a feeling this time it'll stick!

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  1. I agree with most of this assessment of the nights festivities (FESTIVITIES!) but Paul's tuxedo looks more like a smoking jacket. It looks good but maybe a white tuxedo?