Sunday, October 9, 2011

Are We For Fur or Faux Fur?

Personally, I'm not fond of killing... well, anything for the most part. I don't even like to use a fly swatter! I usually handle bugs who've become trapped in my house on a "catch and release" basis.  That being said, I don't mind fur items that are already in existence.  Vintage fur, for example, is fine in my eyes.  Modern fur, notsomuch.

However, I do have a mink bag that is in near pristine condition, for those of you who like fur, for sale on eBay.  It was my aunt's and I do believe she used it a few times, but has since asked me to sell it for her.  You would never know it's been used though.  It's in absolutely beautiful condition.  The protective cover bag, however, does show a bit of shelf wear.

If you like to buy online and are into vintage, I have a beautiful silk vintage suit I'm about to put up on Etsy.  I'll also link to it here, of course.

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