Friday, October 7, 2011

Pajama Dressing

With the new fall fashion this season, comes an unsettling trend.  The one your mother warned you about:  Pajamas. As. Clothing.  *cue "dun, dun, duuuuun" music*

Now, there are lots of trends that are a bit wacky, but I can usually find something worthwhile in them.  I can usually find within me a, "Hey, why not?" or even a, "Whatever floats your boat."  But, this is one trend I'm finding it rather difficult to get on board with, and yet, so many designers sent it down the runway.

Are we really that lazy?  That we can't even bother getting dressed anymore?  And did we not previously chastise people for not bothering to put actual clothes on before they ran to the market?  Granted, the clothing in the above photo does look more like an outfit than others, but still.

"Maybe if I put on a kicky little hat and carry a matching purse it'll look like I put some thought into this outfit."  Maybe not.

Come on, folks.  The clothing in the above photos is not fashion.  It's sleepwear.  I think my mother has the one on the far right.  Just because you're wearing shoes or sunglasses, does not mean you're wearing clothes.

And yes, even on the pages of Elle has this abomination reared its ugly head.  Maybe I'll get into it.  Who knows.  I mean, I like comfort.  And I like to sleep.  So... yeah, maybe not.  Am I totally off here?  What are your opinions on this trend?

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